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Pronto Tax Class Blog

Pronto Tax Class Blog


Why are so many tax preparers old?

By: Jamie Waggoner


Now I know we caught your attention with this blog post title! 😊

 But don't be offended, being "of a certain age" is actually a major benefit in the tax business, and in fact this is one profession where society still has a proper respect for seniors.


Read this blog post to discover a few reasons why senior citizens are some of the top tax preparers in the world!



What Seniors Should Keep in Mind When Becoming a Tax Preparer?

By: Jamie Waggoner 


Becoming a professional tax preparer can be a wonderful career choice for people over age 65.


In fact, a recent study by Time Magazine showed that 1 in 7 tax preparers is a senior.


However, there are also some things you should keep in mind when you're an experienced and seasoned person getting into the field of tax preparation.


This brief article is intended to help seniors choose the best tax preparer fit for you.



What business can I start with my grandchild?

By: Jamie Waggoner


I’m glad you asked, a great job that can be started with your grandchild could be a tax preparation business.

It is perfect because while spending time with your grandchild, you are also creating a family business together.


Many trusted tax businesses are family-based, even our company Pronto Income Tax is a family business.



What Tax Deductions Are Left for Senior Citizens?

 By: Jamie Waggoner


Many seniors today have realized they don’t qualify for many tax deductions like they used to when they were younger.


The reason being they probably have their life in order.


"In order" meaning they have most things they own paid off such as, their car or their house.


Despite there may not be many tax deductions left, I am here to tell you about one tax deduction that is still around, so take advantage!



Grandkid’s Educational Fund

By: Jamie Waggoner


Many grandparents think about their grandchildren’s' education, maybe from the moment they are born.


You want them to succeed and want to make sure they can achieve great things in life.


You can help your grandchildren achieve great things by opening up a financial fund for their college education!